Welcome to CMPS142 Machine Learning And Data Mining

  • Instructor: David Helmbold, dph@soe.ucsc.edu,
  • TA: Kuan-Sung Huang, kuhuang@ucsc.edu
  • Lecture: TuTh 9:50 – 11:25 in Porter Acad. 148
  • Discussion sections:  Wed 9:20–10:25 and Th 3:25-4:25, both in Porter Acad. 148
  • Instructor Office Hours: (tentitive) Tuesdays 11:45-12:45 in E2 room 345B
  • TA Office Hours:  Mondays 9~10 am, 4~5pm in E2-480
  • Discussion Forum on Piazza
  • Text: Andrew Ng's Notes


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